Rotarian Kristin Hanson, left, is seen here with Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association (BDLIA) volunteers Ron George, middle and Bill Boettge, right.   George and Bill spoke at the May 14, 2018, Beaver Dam Rotary luncheon meeting about their efforts to create a lake district for Beaver Dam Lake.  George indicated that the lake problems are too complex for a volunteer organization such as BDLIA to take on alone.  The problems he noted include poor water quality, blue-green algae, eroding shoreline, lost habitat for fish and increased numbers of carp.  Wisconsin Statutes set out the requirements for creating a lake district which is a government body.   Once created, the lake district has the power to tax the property owners within the district.  The proposed district includes all property that touches on Beaver Dam Lake.  BDLIA has informed the land owners within the proposed district of its desire to form a lake district and to date has received about 25% approval.  The Statute requires 51% approval.  For more information about BDLIA as well as their desire to create a lake district, go to